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North Carolina County Criminal Records Search

Search North Carolina County Criminal Records.
Our nationwide network of experienced court researchers will search at least seven years worth of criminal history for felonies and misdemeanors in the county you select. This is the most accurate and comprehensive method of researching criminal records. Start your search today.
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Felonies & Misdemeanors Criminal History
Felonies are very serious crimes punishable by one (1) year or more of imprisonment. A misdemeanor is regarded a lesser criminal activity and is punished less severly then felonies.

The County Criminal Search is one of the more essential background searches in any pre-employment screening program. It can be used for individual background research as well pre-employment screening needs. It is considered the most accurate and comprehensive criminal background search. To conduct this background check Corra utilizes a team of researchers to access criminal records directly from your local courthouse. This is known in the business as a "hand pulled" criminal search as it is a direct examination of county criminal records rather than a criminal database.

Corra offers the country criminal background check to all employers seeking to run preemployment background screenings on all potential job candidates. Most often these searches are based on the candidate´s residential history for the past seven years. On behalf of the Human Resources Managers that order this particular background search Corra Group sends researchers to the appropriate courthouse where they conduct a comprehensive criminal examinations of both felonies and misdemeanors. The information that is retrieved is then compiled an emailed to the human resource personnel

Felony crimes are generally those crimes where the court can mete out a sentence with a length of at least a year and a day. Misdemeanors are lesser crimes that result in a lighter jail sentence in county jail or no sentence at all. In both felony crimes and misdemeanors the judge may order a fine or financial restitution as party of the penalty. for their review.

Since in there is increasing vigilance in running background checks in the age of Homeland Security, many employers are also running "rescreening" background searches on their current employees. These employment screening updates may reflect significant changes in an employee´s behavior or lifestyle. Detecting any deviation into criminal behavior early, especially on the county level, may significantly reduce vulnerability to employee theft and violence in the workplace, as well as liability concerns.

Corra conducts county criminal background searches in all North Carolina counties and in all Fifty States.

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Corra Background Checks is a premier provider of hand pulled county criminal record searches. Corra offers quality background checks to individuals and businesses for personal searches and employment screening.

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North Carolina County Criminal Search

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